Pell: "We Will Find Out"

When he took the treasury job at the Vatican in 2014, Cardinal George Pell knew that they were “a bit of a mess” (ApNews.com, November 30).

However, he "never, never thought it would be as Technicolor as it proved” and he didn’t know "that there was so much criminality involved.”

Pell discovered hundreds of millions of dollars “tucked away in particular sectional accounts" which "did not appear on the balance sheet.” This refers mainly to the Secretary of State’s in-house assets which Archbishop Becciu managed at the time.

Pell is not sure if there was a link between his work in the Vatican and his unjust prosecution in Australia, “We will find out, whether there is or there isn’t. Certainly the party’s not over.”

His own family told him that “if the Mafia is going after you or somebody else is going after you, that’s one thing" but "it’s a little bit worse if it comes from within the Church.”

Picture: George Pell, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQifgorihpj