Pope Francis’ Norms Are Against God’s Law And "Detrimental For The Faith"

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has criticised Pope Francis’ approval of the implementation rules for Amoris Laetitia issued by the Buenos Aires bishops which allow unrepentant adulterers to receive Holy Communion.

Talking to CNA (January 11), Schneider said that this “contradicts divine revelation, which prohibits always and in every circumstances sexual acts outside a valid marriage”.

Schneider stated that “everyone who still believes in the divine words of Christ and takes them seriously, must acknowledge how detrimental such norms are for the Faith.”

Picture: Athanasius Schneider, © Marko Tervaportti, CC BY-SA, #newsHthctjqaao
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I hope someday the good bishop comes out and says it: Francis is a heretic!
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@Rafał_Ovile Amen, Amen.
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Watch Out For False Teachers
Now I urge you, brothers, to be watching-out-for the ones producing the dissensions and the causes-of-falling contrary to the teaching which you learned, and be turning-away from them." Romans 16:17 Saint Paul
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