Trudeau Liberals spent over $30 million to push LGBT ideology in federal departments: report - LifeSite

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadians taxpayers have footed the bill for $30 million in federal …
And how much are Canadians going to have to pay in lawsuits, as these people realize they've been so wronged, and for surgeries to try to repair damage to their reproductive organs, and on going medication for the depressions and feeling of not fitting in?
Margaret LSD journey back in her younger years is bearing fruit. The hand that rocks the cradle
Father Karl A Claver
What his demonic father did not destroy, the insipid son is finishing.
Everyday for Life Canada
Yes, the privileged and so called “Catholic” father and son have undone the Canada that was, with the help of many Liberal friends.
Everyday for Life Canada
We are a post-nation state, but we believe in all the sexual letters of the alphabet.