Austrian Bishop Possesses A Transparent Plastic Chasuble

The museum of the Benedictine Monastery of Admont, Austria, has presently displayed exhibits belonging to the new bishop of Innsbruck, Hermann Glettler who was consecrated in December 2017.

Among the exhibits is a 2004 photo of Glettler wearing a transparent "chasuble" made from plastic. The photo is also on the cover of this years's catalogue of the museum.

Glettler believes in female priests. His appointment was enthusiastically praised by the commercial media.

There could be another reason for this false shepherd being dressed in that silly outfit

I view it as proof that Our Lord Christ forbids these usurping false "Priests" the right to attire themselves in the glorious apparel of His own Shepherds

Basically, is it this false shepherd mocking God
Or, is God mocking HIM!
A boil on the bishop's cathedra of Innsbruck. May his usurpation end soon.
Looks like a very cheap rain cover! I hope it was a blunder.