Pope Francis: It's good for young people to study Latin

Good, we know that. Now restore it in the Liturgy and seminaries, and make lazy priests pray Breviary in Latin (as Canon Law commands).

Birth Control Sex Is Like Vomiting in Ancient Rome

Unfortunately, this is probably false. The original meaning of a word vomitorium is something else entirely (it means ground level gates of amphitheatre).

Priest Mentions Protestant Leader in Eucharistic Prayer for the Bishops

Just look at the whole scene - idiotic vestment, girls behind, sterile wall, ambient lights... no (nice) words for this.

Populism: A Bishop in Reverse

Yes, he's "a liberal secularist who prefers to hide his priesthood behind casual clothing". The problem is almost entire NO hierarchy is the same, includind the top, gnomesayin'?

Liturgy: German Bishops Attack Former Benedict XVI

Gerhards is a dead branch, and thus cannot bear fruit.
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Pope Francis’ Dishonesty Unmasked

You can be so obvious only when you're untouchable, like Bergoglio.
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Pope Francis Wants To Listen To "Doubts"

How about some common sense? Young people are in need of guidance. So it's only logical for a shepherd to guide them, not to be guided and instructed by them. This is useless and fruitless as everything that Conciliar church does.