“Tutti Fratelli”: Brotherly Love in the Vatican

When Cardinal Becciu was the Sostituto in the Vatican’s Secretary of State, he procured donations for "Spes" cooperative, an arm of the Caritas of Ozieri (Sassari) whose owner is his brother Tonino Becciu.

Tonino received the following sums:

• September 2013: for the expansion of his business and a new kiln, EUR300’000.
• January 2015: for damages caused by a fire, EUR300’000.
• April 2018: for adjusting immigrants' reception facilities, EUR100’000.

The money came from the Italian Bishops’ share in the State income tax, and from the Peter’s Pence which was under Becciu’s direct control.

Another case concerns "Angel's srl," a company belonging to Mario Becciu, a professor of psychology at the Salesian University of Rome and brother of the Cardinal.

The aim of the company curiously concerns the food & beverage sector. It produces the "Birra [Beer] Pollicina" which can be found exclusively in some restaurants and ecclesiastical bodies who buy it on the indication of Cardinal Becciu or of people close to him.

When Becciu was a Nuncio in Angola (2001-2009) and Cuba (2009-2011), his brother Francesco Becciu who owns a carpenter's workshop, furnished and modernised numerous churches in those countries.

Becciu was for years Bergogilo’s first collaborator whom Francis trusted blindly and whom he met on a daily basis.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHlwgnqxzsi

Becciu was already deeply implicated in corruption when the Pope disgracefully made him a cardinal.