Chaos Francis: Becciu and His Brothers

As the second man at the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Becciu diverted money from the Peter’s Pence, the Vatican Bank and the Italian Bishops’ Conference to cooperatives managed in Sardinia by his brothers, the anticlerical Repubblica.it (September 24) revealed.

This happened systematically. The funds in Sardinia were diverted three times creating thus flows of money which are difficult to trace.

Becciu belonged to the inner circle of Francis paladins who therefore made him a cardinal. He replaced Cardinal Raymond Burke as the Patron of the formerly Sovreign Order of Malta when the latter fell out of favour with Francis because he had started a true reform in the Order.

The Becciu case reveals the incompetence of Francis’ colourless Secretary of State Piero Parolin whose task would have been to supervise Becciu. After seven years of Francis, the Vatican is in a chaos never seen since the times of the Renaissance.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEjkiqzqtlc

F M Shyanguya