Fire: Rastafarian Causes Panic in Church

A thug attempted to set a crucifix on fire on July 19 outside St Martin De Porres church on St Lucia (Caribbean) while parishioners were praying inside. The cross and Christ’s effigy burned briefly but the fire extinguished.

The man then entered the church with two more incendiary devices. He yelled, the parishioners panicked and escaped while some restrained the man and handed him over to police.

Castries Archbishop Robert Rivas said that the perpetrator is known from suffering form a psychological disorder. He has performed similar stunts before.

According to Rivas, the man spoke with slogans associated with the Rastafarian cult which is related to racism and black supremacism.


comfort ye
Shaun King to thank for all these desecrations of Our Lord and Our Lady - and whats up with that anyway when Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is so plainly indigenous and brown, gets kicked over?
Novella Nurney
Blm pulled down a statue of Jimmy Hendrix in the states. Perhaps they where not informed he was an ally. Its hard to tell exactly what colour someone's skin tone is when it is cast in bronze.