Little Sisters: The Tragical End of a Tragedy

The Sisters of the Congrégation des Petites Soeurs de Marie Mère du Rédempteur announced the signing of a September 21 deal which puts an end to the conflict with Laval Bishop Thierry Scherer, France.

The civil agreement was reached after one year of negotations. In May 2019, the Vatican released 26 sisters from their vows.

The sisters used to run four retirement homes and once also served in the bishop’s house. Since the conflict started, they have been living in one of their houses in Arquenay.

Now, they constituted the Association Redemptoris Mater which will receive Castelnau castle near Toulouse, which belonged to the Congregation. 26 of the “former” sisters have moved to the place on October 7, 2020.

In the meantime, one of the sisters has died and two have returned into the world. They will receive EUR36.000 each. Only six of the originally 35 sisters have decided to remain in the Congregation. They will be living in Arquenay.

The sisters can be reached:
Phone: 09 51 74 75 52
E-mail: psm.ndba.castelnau@gmail.com