Cardinal: “Call Me John” – Because of Abuse Hoax

Wellington Cardinal John Dew, New Zealand, said he's had different feedback since encouraging people to address him as "John" and encouraging the priests not to allow the faithful to call them "Father" any longer, Stuff.co.nz (June 2) writes.

Dropping the title “Father” is for "John" one way for priests to respond to sexual abuses [that have been exploited and grossly exaggerated by the media].

After Second Vatican Council, predators who had entered the clergy, became “John” and “Jack” and dressed casually precisely to overcome the distance toward those they intended to abuse.

Picture: John Dew, #newsKnbjbagndp
Maybe we should stop calling apostates “Cardinal“
So because a few abused their office, the laity must disrespect all clergy? Leftist Logic 101.
Am sure God will call you John.....what might follow... be very afraid John.
Another walking, talking V2 Fr Trendy.
This article concludes with a very important point!