Unvaccinated Cardinal Burke Left Hospital

Cardinal Raymond Burke took up residence in a house near his family after he left hospital.

In a September 26 update, he informs that he is now on rehabilitation from his Covid-19 infection, “Although I am making steady progress, it is slow.”

His priest secretary arrived from Rome to assist him with his efforts and to take care of his correspondence.

Burke's principal challenges regard "certain fundamental physical skills needed for my daily living, and overcoming a general fatigue and difficulty in breathing.” He cannot predict when he will be able to return to his normal activities.

But he concluded that "our Lord has preserved me in life for some work which He wishes me to carry out.”

The "unvaccinated" Cardinal Burke survived Covid while Cardinal Urosa who was "jabbed" died from it.


Dr Bobus
He's vaccinated now--naturally vaccinated.
Windmill Lane
God Keep Cardinal Burke. St Raymond of Penafort, pray for Cardinal Raymond Burke!
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“Please continue to pray for my full recovery. For my part, each day I offer my prayers and sufferings for your many intentions”. (Raymond Leo Card. Burke)
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He thinks, therefore he lies.