Homophobia Does Not Exist, Is Totalitarian Invention, Cardinal Müller

„Homophobia simply does not exist“, said Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

Talking to the Italian journalist Costanza Miriano on her blog costanzamiriano.com (May 17), Müller rather pointed out that homophobia is “an invention and an instrument” to dominate the thinking of others.

He compared the homosexual ideology with totalitarian regimes like National Socialism or Communism that used to put dissenters into psychiatric clinics.

Further, Müller expressed his regret that some bishops lack the courage to speack the truth about homosexuality, “They do not understand that 'homophobia' is a deception to threaten people.”

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Michael Swan, CC BY-ND, #newsOjaypiqodq
Really, it is rooted in the "Critical Theory" of German Communists (Progressives) of the Frankfort School who invented "Political Correctness" to undermine Christian moral, social and political principles with nothing more substantial than relentless, mindless criticism...
Been saying it since they first unveiled the word. Glad to know there's someone in the Church who still agrees with me once in a while.
100 per cent, one of the tools in the let's box.