Active "Love"-Life of Gay Priests in Paterson Diocese

Michael Hichborn has published on ChurchMilitant.com (January 21) selfies showing two priests of Paterson diocese, New Jersey, USA, embracing and kissing each other.

The selfies were sent in November to Paterson Bishop Arthur Serratelli and several members of his staff. They didn't act.

The two priests are Polish-born Father Marcin Bradtke (ordained in 2016) and the Colombia-born Father Dulibber Gonzalez (ordained in 2018).

According to Hichborn, Bishop Serratelli has a history of bringing homosexual seminarians into the country.

Picture: churchmilitant.com, #newsMmcpzizqxe
Makes me want to vomit, but doesn't seem to bother the bishop at all.
Shame on them , i hope they repent and ask God,s forgivness
.......and yet again, two MORE on their way to be damned, tormented by Satan in Hell for all eternity.....crying out for the forgiveness of their sins - but realising that it is too late!
Many of men are kissing in Hell, pray for them
Lalanz, they won't be kissing! If that's what they prefer- they'll find it's not like that down there....... Hell isn't a Heaven for perverts. It's a place where the perverted rue the day that they consented to the loss of their souls! It's THEIR HELL only this time they realise it wasn't the way they should have been...... and there is no longer time to turn back but PLENTY of time to repent.
Demonic FAGS
onda, how you made this funny emoji..., where to get them ??
Pray for them
I don’t care if priests are gay or straight. But I know there is a celibacy call by the church and Pope Francis. Is Bishop Serratelli above Pope Francis or does he just think he is? They need to choose to be celibate gay priests or choose to be actively gay and join the Episcopalian church, or go secular.