Church Authorities Have Allowed Bigamy – Bishop Schneider

It is undeniable that Church authorities at different levels [also Pope Francis] have allowed divorce in "exceptional cases" by admission of adulterers to Communion, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told Il Giornale (June 28).

Schneider stressed that nobody [the Pope included] has the power to dispense from the sixth Commandment.

Regarding illegal mass-immigration, Schneider noticed that there is an “orchestrated plan by international powers to radically change the Christian identity of European populations”.

He praises governments who exercise their sovereignty against “a new Soviet Union type of totalitarianism - today called the European Union - with its unmistakably Masonic ideology”.

Schneider further called homosexual adoptions “a moral abuse of the children”, a “blatant injustice” and “one of the greatest degradations of civilization”.

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