The Party Newspaper of the Francis Bishops Goes Down

Avvenire, the daily of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, lost 19% in one single year with 83.228 copies sold in April.

For years, Avvenire was a decent Catholic newspaper until, after the election of Francis, it turned into a pro-Communist LGBT outlet which is alienating its readers without gaining news ones. (June 13) stresses that half of its copies are sold in the parishes while a foolish Avvenire launched a campaign for keeping the churches locked during the coronavirus crisis.

Most recently, Avvenire campaigned for a left-wing sponsored gay law which suppresses of religion and was even rejected by the pro-gay Italian bishops.


Novella Nurney
Burn it! Cleanse it with fire! will at some point , likely sooner than later anyway. The Bishop's Conference and by extension it's mouthpiece SHOULD ONLY put forth and support orthodox Catholic teachings and doctrine. If it doesn't, of what sound purpose does it have? None . Only to confuse and obfuscate, in its laxity it confounds laity and the clerics of good will..
It deserves even more than this - it needs to disappear.