Don Pietro Leone: Is Pope Francis Pope, and If Not, What Then?

A quantity of eminent prelates, learned academics (priestly and lay), renowned journalists (Catholic and atheist), faithful, and seers of …
Maria delos Angeles
Vaccinated against truth and reality. Is the Pope a Catholic, no duh?
Boanerges Boanerges
Amazing - even after Bergoglio almost completely destroys the Church and takes majority of Catholics to Hell - they will still wonder: is he the pope or not? Honestly this looks like an article from 2016 not from 2024. I betcha some of these people from rorate are also vaccinated
Sean Johnson
Rorate is an indult blog. By definition, their purpose is to keep would-be trads corralled within the conciliar pasture. So of course the conclusion regarding the pope is a foregone conclusion.
Actually they look less ridiculous than those funny "virtual sages" who have appropriated the right to "unpope" the pope.