Bishop Has His Hands “Annointed” By Some Faithful

Auxiliary Bishop Michael Gielen, 49, presided a February 14 St Valentines Eucharist at St Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland, New Zealand, although, on that day, the Novus Ordo Church remembered Cyrill and Method.

“We celebrated the gift of marriage and single life [sic!] and prayed for the faithful,” Gielen wrote on social oligarch-media.

He confesses that “I was especially moved by the blessing of hands.” For unclear reasons, the bishop’s hands were “anointed” by some lay-people.

Stephanie Silveira who was present in last year’s ceremony remembered that “it was a beautiful feeling.” Gerry Smith mentions this year’s “chocolates galore.” A local faithful told Gloria.tv that “episcopal stupidity knows no limit.”


GJA Taylor
....as long as the money keeps on rollin in the prelates could not give two hoots, what a bunch of fakes they really are.
I suppose it's a way of saying that there's a man dressed as a bishop on the left, who isn't.
I guess it is just a fluffy new Church that isn’t One Holy Catholic and Apostolic.