Caesaropapist German Bishop Protests: We are “Not Schismatic"

Presiding Bishop Georg Bätzing of Limburg claims that the German National Church is "not schismatic" and doesn't want to break away from the universal Church as a "German national Church."

"Our connection to Rome and to the Holy Father is very close," he told CatholicNewsAgency.com displaying a vulgar Caesaropapism which reduces the Church and the Truth to a "connection" with the person of a Pope.

Bätzing said, that at the German Synod, they plan to evaluate "which moves we can freely regulate and decide as a local Church". He sees "leeway" in the [invalid] ordination of women deacons and, apparently, due to his intellectual deficits, finds the solid arguments against the [invalid] ordination of women "less and less convincing."

The bishop also commended homosex "blessings" which condone sin. He expressed his wish to "discuss" what he calls the "points of view" put forward by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Among Anti-Catholics the word "discuss" is commonly used in the sense of "reject."

On 10 May, dozens of German priests held "homosex blessings" in half-empty churches.


Roberto 55
They are not schismatics, only a new protestants...
Jeffrey Ade
It is a common tactic. Authority feigns concern but lets subordinates move forward anyway. Exactly how "they" allowed communion in the hand. Oh the popes never said they could, but oh yes they did! Qui tacet consentire videti!
This is the moment to see Bergoglio's reaction to this apostacy. Is he Catholic or not? We'll see.
It isn't apostasy, though almost certainly schism though that, technically, like heresy is a charge reserved for The Church to make.
No they won't admit that they have left the Church by supporting perversion,they just want God to start thinking perversely like them!