Müller: Mass-Immigration Disintegrates Africa and the West

The Church cannot approve a policy of exchanging populations, rather may criticise the fact that mass-immigration depopulates Africa and deprives it of its youth, Cardinal Gerhard Müller told Lothar Rilinger (, July 9).

Müller stresses that illegal migrants are not integrated, uprooted from their homeland, and remain outside of the society.

About Marxism, Müller said that it has brought “only misfortune” because it is based on a false anthropology, while it is deeply connected through its materialistic view with capitalism against which allegedly fights. China is for Müller the “most abstruse combination” of extreme capitalism and extreme communism.

On Liberation Theology, Müller claims that its original concern - allegedly - was “to speak of the love of God in view of the oppression and suffering of millions.”

Only later, Liberation Theology “has been overturned into an inner-worldly doctrine of salvation or is being abused,” Müller believes.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsUnubmuetcx

F M Shyanguya
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