Twitter Censors Everything, Except Burning Of Priests

The Spanish hashtag #FuegoAlClero [“Burn the Clergy”] has become trendy on Twitter.com although the portal claims it wages war against “hate speech.”

This happened on the same day when Francis approved the beatification of 127 Spanish martyrs, priests, seminarians, friars, nuns and lay-people, murdered between 1936-1939 by Spanish Communists.

But now, in 2020, the past is back. Tweets can be seen which encourage to “burn the priests alive” or which say, “The only church that enlightens is one on fire.”


Alex A
It was for so long, the purview of the Germans to be seen as the vanguard of all things different to the 'custom', the norm, or even, the 'acceptable', but seemingly the Spanish are now the modern-day usurpers of the infamous Germanic heritage.