Is Francis Sorry That He Kicked Out Giani?

Francis regrets the resignation of Domenico Giani, the former head of the Vatican police, Marco Tosatti writes referring to “good sources.”

According to Tosatti, Francis asked Giani to leave in an impulsive way, and influenced by some “evil Vatican spirit.”

Tosatti knows that Francis received Giani some days ago in private audience offering him an “important post” which Giani politely refused because it did not fall within his competence. (November 17) wrote that the ex-Communist Italian Partito Democratico which has the Vatican’s support, considers nominating Giani as their candidate for the elections of the mayor of Arezzo, Italy, which is Giani’s home-town.

Picture: Domenico Giani, © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsKhudgedpok

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