Francis’ “Magic Circle” Tried Even to Silence Vittorio Messori

“I wrote a polite article in the Corriere della Sera where I asked questions, but was subjected to invectives, especially from certain Catholic media,” Vittorio Messori told (September 17).

Messori is world-famous for his interview-books with Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II. “We are told that this is the Church of Mercy,” he continues, “However, those in charge do not tolerate any critical voice.”

According to Messori a committee connected to Francis’ “magic circle” was set up in order to ask the Corriere della Sera to remove him as a collaborator,

“With what honesty are they saying that this is the Church of Mercy, of an open and loyal dialogue, of parresia?” – he asks.

Messori believes that “the forces of evil will not prevail” because “the Church does not belong to Bergoglio.”

He deplores that conformism is widespread and only few old Cardinals speak up, but reckons that there are still “many" bishops and even Cardinals who disagree in private meetings but are “afraid, silent, and shut up.”

Jesus said He would spit out those that are not worm or cold ,maybe the Bishops should take a stand where they are ?
"The forces of evil will not prevail" seem not to be meant as any sort of consolation, but rather a call to action. If we don't do God's will, a comforting phrase will not hold back a compromised, bursting dam.
Even Pentin attempted to get Veri Catholici ( and on twitter at @VeriCatholici) to shut up. That is how evil it is to support Bergoglio.
Accusing someone without by name without giving facts is not the kind way.
It's a published fact, not an accusation. See the references.