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Schneider Has the Proof: Not A Single Infection Through RECEPTION of Holy Communion

It is an episcopal abuse of power to impose grabbing Communion with the hand under the pretext of Covid-19, Bishop Schneider told Mia Barhouche in a French interview during a recent visit in Lebanon (video below).
Schneider stresses that grabbing is not "safer" than receiving Holy Communion and doesn't protect better against a virus infection, on the contrary. In Kazakhstan, the bishops have only allowed receiving Holy Communion: “No one has been infected until now. Not a single case of a contamination.” Schneider calls this an “empirical demonstration” and an “undeniable fact.”

Forcing the faithful to grab Communion with the hand is a spiritual tragedy, dangerous, minimalist and “very close to desacralisation,” Schneider explains, “We cannot treat our God like this.” He points out that grabbing Communion causes particles of the host to fall on the floor so that they are trampled upon [which IS a desacralisation].

Further, Schneider observed that Covid-19 vaccinations (20:00) are all contaminated with cell-lines from aborted children which will be the base for a horrible foetal industry. Therefore “it is not possible to take this vaccine.” Schneider also noticed that the vaccines are not tested sufficiently and that they can be a health hazard.

Francis' Traditionis custodes (38:00) is for Schneider "tragic," a "wound," "unjust" and so drastic that TC will finally suppress the Roman Mass. He notices that within its first days, some bishops completely banned the Roman Mass in their dioceses. However, Schneider expects the Mass to continue in the catacombs and to be victorious because it is a work of God.


De Profundis
Another Schneider quote
The weekly Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, temporarily suspended due to lock down, will resume next Wednesday (11th August) at 5.30 pm. In fact next week’s Mass will mark the 10th anniversary of the commencement of a regular weekly EF Mass in the Cathedral (the first Mass was on 10th August, 2011).
Photo: 10th August, 2011 - First Cathedral Mass
and the problem would be...........???? there's no pandemic; individuals have had various coronavirus infections for ages. It's not a hospital capacity problem - never has been. Let's stop even reacting to issues that are immaterial; that's slavishly moving over to 'their' obfuscating issues. Don't let them set the public conversation !