The German Disease Is Spreading

A homosex association called ACGIL in Catalonia, Spain, which was founded 30 years ago, puts homosexuals in contact with priests who attempt to "bless" them in open rebellion against God, the Bible, and the Church.

ACGIL’s speaker Jordi Valls told (July 1) that they work with five or six “trusted” priests. However, only “several couples every year” are interested in such performances.

The blasphemous ceremonies are carried out “in absolute privacy” in a house or in a church. For money reasons, none of the pseudo-blessers wanted to talk publicly about their abominations - "not to lose their livelihood.”

According to Barcelona Archdiocese, there has never been a priest who was disciplined for "blessing" homosexuals.

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"There is no greater force against evil in the world than the love of a man and woman in marriage. After the Holy Eucharist, it has a power beyond anything that we can imagine" - Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke
Dr Bobus
The German disease goes back to Luther, the philosopher Hegel, the German Existentialism of Heidegger, and the Jesuit Karl Rahner. It spread years before Vatican II.