Viganò: Francis Turned Church Into Slave Of the Lords of This World

The World Health Organization (WHO) leads the world health industry and is “a true multinational corporation" which has as its primary end "the profit of shareholders," Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò claims on RemnantNewspaper.com (August 21).

According to him, the WHO's shareholders are pharmaceutical companies and "philanthropic" foundations like the Bill Gates Foundation.

Viganò believes that this industry wants to transform people into permanent patients in order to sell their drugs and to make more money.

He further writes that a globalist elite plans to subjugate mankind by introducing a cryptocurrency to control personal and banking information.

For Viganò, with Francis' election a “Church of Mercy” was born which inspired the Vatican Dicasteries, for instances the Academy for Life, with a “perverse vision” that embraces “the demands of environmentalism” and the idea of overpopulation.

Viganò calls the silence of the Holy See about pro-life issues “shameful.” Francis seems to be “more concerned with promoting recycling – to the point of writing an encyclical about it – rather than the lives of the unborn.”

For Viganò this de facto acceptation of abortion is an aspect of an even greater crisis which started when "the deviant part of the Church" which is led "by what was once the Society of Jesus" seized power and made the Church "a slave to the mentality of the world.”