Francis Wants Coronavirus Vaccine “For All”

A potential coronavirus vaccine should be made available [by whom?] "to all,” Francis proclaimed at the August 19 General Audience echoing statements of politicians and billionaires.

“It would be sad if this vaccine were to become the property of this nation or another, rather than universal and for all,” Francis fabulated. He hushed up the moral problems that vaccines are often produced from the flesh of aborted children. Abortion is the most extreme form of child abuse.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison went a step further, telling 3AW Radio (August 18) that the vaccine will be “as mandatory as you can possibly make it.”

Following the usual manipulation tactic, he "backtracked" within 24 hours, saying that there will be “no compulsory vaccine," thus preparing the public for the concept of compulsory vaccines.

Bill Gates also asked for a mandatory vaccine by "warning" against the possibility that it could backfire, "But you might say that if you’re going to work in an old-folks home or have any exposure to elderly people, it would be required” (Bloomberg.com (August 13).

However, everybody has "any exposure to elderly people" and would thus be obliged to be vaccinated.


Our Lady of Sorrows
"Gates' Vaccine will Create GMO Humans"
No, first for you, please.
At the same time, other sources are insisting a.) there may not ever be a vaccine. b.) if one exists, it won't be a cure-all c.) depending on you who (and how) you ask, less than half of Americans will even get vaccinated