Francis Effect: Italians Stop Supporting the Church

Since Francis’ elections the number of Italians who destine a mandatory cult tax (otto per mille) to the Church has dropped by two million, (July 15) reports. The reason is simple: …
Serves him right!
Our dear leader.... of the homomafia
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Who wants to support a FrancisInvasion of the Mohammadans whose feet Bergoglio kisses so tenderly? The money would be blown on those invaders, heresy and whatever else takes the fancy of those Conciliar sodomites. Coccopalmiero parties would be an example of that. No money for faggotry. Restore the Faith.
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Allied to his communist comrades, he is getting exactly what he wants, from China, to Ukraine, to Argentina and Chile, to my Venezuela and Colombia, to the US, to Italy, etc. likes this.