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After Coronavirus Curfew: Huge Upticks In Old Latin Mass Attendance

Hilary White received reports from across the US of a massively increased attendance at Old Latin Masses. There is a “doubling and trebling the number of people and adding Masses to Sunday schedules.”

One message published by White on Twitter (July 20) says, “Our Tridentine Latin Mass is packed. I have been to two Novus Ordo masses since the re-opening (because no TLM those weeks) and each one - one in morning and one in evening - had maybe forty people. It's like colony collapse disorder, but for the Novus Ordo.”

Another message says, “Because of ‘circumstances’, we’ve gone from two to five Masses on Sunday, all Low Masses. But get this: I found out this morning that the total head-count last week was 497. That’s 200 more than pre-Covid. Meanwhile, attendance at all the local NO Masses has collapsed. Their parishes haven’t increased the number of Masses, they’ve reduced them. The diocesan boys must be choking.”

"The diocesan boys must be choking.” -except when they're gleefully "assessing" (taxing) the parish revenues, notably those pouring in from Latin Masses with a 300% increase in attendance.
Thank you, Good and Holy Jesus!
Alex A
God works in mysterious ways!
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This is exaclty what the Swiss Nuncio observes here - stories of growing Old Rite communities
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