Cardinal Wuerl announces six-week "Season of Healing"

Lisi Sterndorfer
Oh my...
McCarrick & Wuerl were for Hillary Clinton in 2016. And the way Card Dolan kept his back towards Trump during the Alfred Smith dinner says something too. These higher ups in the church have been in collusion with the Clinton, Obama administration and even prior! Dirty stinkin politics. Trump is a force to be reckoned with and they know it!
Dr Bobus
What Wuerl is really saying: He's hoping that after the six week Season of Healing (i.e., gimmick), the storm will have passed. If not, he can retire, claiming declining health.
Dr Bobus
I know it well. A N.O. treasure!
Dr Bobus
JTLiuzza. One of my favorite places to eat in N.O. is Liuzza's (off Esplanade).

The cream of artichoke and shrimp soup.!
Dr Bobus
Six weeks of healing! And with a tool kit!! I hope he follows that with a Power Point Presentation. Then the grand finale--a diocesan carnival.

Wuerl is a complete and total phony. A shallow careerist. .
Healing begins with first excising the cancer. Get the sodomites and those who covered for them out of the clergy.
Let me condense this; Blah, blah,blah. God is not deceived, dear cardinal
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Not once did this deceitful creature name the problem, the perpetrators: HOMOSEXUALS!!
Wuerl is destruktion.
We faithful Christians need to put any petty differences aside, and strongly UNITE IN CHRIST, FOR CHRIST. Catholics in unity= strength. Above all else, JESUS WE LOVE THEE.
Investigation, revelation, resignation, laicization, incarceration. Enough of this filth.
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