Mathathias Maccabeus
I'm not here to defend symbols or anything, but just because nazi's wore a symbol doesn't mean it is their symbol. That's like banning the cross because the KKK uses it.
@Prayhard There's nothing patriotic about a Ukrainian wearing a Nazi SS symbol, since the Nazis were invaders just like the Soviets. Worse, the Nazis considered Slavic people, Ukrainians included, to be racially inferior and defined them as "Untermesch" (sub-humans). This is just another stupid neo-Nazi being stupid.
When the Germans invaded, Ukrainians had seen the loss of 10 million in the Holmodor, which included many Greek Rite Catholics. Many Ukrainisns joined a Crusade against Communism which killed so many. This neo pagan is not of that time, but people are harking back to this patriotic effort. Putin has said Communism and Christianity share so much. Like Bergoglio he praises Communism.
Stay classy NATO. Fun Trivia: Nazis vs. Russkis didn't end well for the former the last time around, either.