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Cardinal Burke promises formal correction coming of Pope Francis by cardinals...

A portion of a talk by Cardinal Burke being given this evening (as I post this) in the Washington, DC area where he promises formal correction is coming of Pope Francis by cardinals, if he continues to refuse to answer the dubia.
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@Radulf I only know it was near Fairfax, VA.
When did he gives this speech? URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Do you have a web site, or do you know someone who does, they can help keep us going, please see link! [More]

Help Keep the Latin Mass Directory alive!

I am sad to report that will have to be shut down in two weeks unless I can get some help. When I started this project, it was with the intent to fund it out of my own pocket as an offering to our Lord. But being out of work for …
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Denial: Correction of the pope on the way

Edward Pentin is known at least to one of the four Dubia-cardinals, Raymond Burke.
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You can not water down Truth
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6. Divine Mercy Devotion - What's the Point?

This video is the sixth in a series of videos that discusses and analyzes the Divine Mercy Devotion. In this video we look at what's left of the devotion, once you take away the heterodoxy. The first video in the series is at: 1 Divine Mercy Devoti… [More]
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@Holy Cannoli The Truth is the Truth, regardless of how you or I feel about it. The Divine Mercy Devotion, is used regularly as a substitution for … [More]
Holy Cannoli
Ascent of Mount Carmel it is best to watch them in numerical order. I am not going to do that. If your videos included the facts as pointed out in … [More]
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Looks like our Catholic women have been robbed yet again of another opportunity for Graces... Good video!
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Sacred Heart of Jesus vs. Divine Mercy Devotion

Sacred Heart of Jesus vs. Divine Mercy Devotion - a diabolical deception! Also.. Link to Ascent Of Mount Carmel Channel: Or 1 Divine Mercy Devotion - Introduction
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Ascent of Mount Carmel
Thank you for this video. Once you get past the heterodoxy of the Divine Mercy devotion, there isn't much left.
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Blessed Sacrament Procession. Westminster Cathedral 29 Oct 2016. A Day With Mary

Blessed Sacrament Procession. A Day With Mary, Westminster Cathedral, London, England 29 October 2016. All DWM videos at: - Click cog & select to watch in 1080pHD full HD. Also at and… [More]
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The Midnight Sun Proves The Earth is Flat

The Midnight Sun Proves The Earth is Flat, you do not live on a spinning ball!
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@mccallansteve Ofcourse it is round, it is a round flat plane! Do you want to admit that the earth is a sphere/ball?
The earth is round. Get over it
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Flat Earth Perspective

Understanding the world you live on is not a spinning ball!
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@LovelyGiraffe from what?
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Extreme Persecution Of The Holy Roman Church Seat

February 22, 2017 - Vatican City: On the Feast Day of Chair of St. Peter, this abomination took place!
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I guess Pope Benedict is doing penitential service in atonement of fasching (mardi gras) sins at this time.


Streaming audio now supports iOS (iPad/iPhone), OSX and Windows in just about all browsers.
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That's Amoris

That's Amoris This really made me laugh and made my day. Thank you Laurence and God bless you. Brilliant. Left out about the Martin Luther commemorative coins though. :D OH MY!....THIS IS A TRAGIC AND HILARIOUS MASTERPIECE OF MORDANTLY ORTHODOX … [More]
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Such posters are currently on display in the streets of Rome

Text: "To Francis, you have placed orders under commissioners, dismissed priests, beheaded the Maltese and the Franciscans of the Immaculata, ignored cardinals ... Where is your mercy? "
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@Priska: Man kann nicht über das Schimpfen schimpfen, ohne selber zu schimpfen. Warum glauben Sie, dass für den Papst nicht gebetet wird?
@Viandonta kann sein,weiß leider nicht ,da ich Gestern auf dieser Seite nicht gelesen habe...ich habe aber beobachtet das in letzter Zeit öfter Kommentare verschwinden...
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The Third Secret Of Fatima

The Third Secret Of Fatima
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@mccallansteve 1+8=9 convert and be saved... The Sacred Heart of Jesus is waiting for you.
What a waste of 18 minutes!
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Streaming now!

Now streaming...Fr. Michael Rodriguez - All Around Us There Is Darkness #Catholic #Radio
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A chronological review of headlines and quotes of Pope Francis during 2016. In just one year Pope Francis released a video featuring Muslim prayer beads, a Buddha statue, and Menorah, but no cross; proclaimed that a US Presidential candidate is '… [More]
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New World Order Religion Logo

New World Order Religion Logo
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@malemp That is not correct, th normal symbol for the Holy Ghost, is the dove. We usually associate the flames of the Holy Ghost with Pentecost. And … [More]
hey this is trash they pointout catholic churches and priests , the flame is everywere ¿even HolySpirit simbol is nwo?cmon
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Deo Gratias!

It has been an amazing 25 days that's taken me on a journey of some 12,000 miles across a breathtaking landscape. But this past month has also been a spiritual journey of the heart that has taken me much further than I could have expected, thanks … [More]
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