Francis’ Bad Example Finds First Followers

It's already being done in at least one AmChurch diocese (Helena, Montana) where on more than one occasion the bishop has allowed a Catholic couple to marry outside a Catholic (or other Church-authorized) church or chapel - in a garden or other outdoor setting - with no nuptial Mass but only the wedding ceremony!

Mike and Jovlyn Satterthwaite walk down the aisle after being married by Rev. Patri… More

German Old-Rite Trappist Abbey Will Be Closed Down

A November 2016 item from ( Abtei Mariawald: Unruhe nach dem Rücktritt von Joseph Vollberg : Abbey Mariawald: unrest after the resignation of Joseph Vollberg) provides the context and basis for such a decision: A “revolt” of the “old guard” (the monks who “grew up” with the post-Vatican 2 changes) against the “new regimen” (the unmitigated Rule of St. Benedict)!