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Again: Francis Refuses to Bless

After the January 1 Angelus, Pope Francis did not bless the people. Instead he raised both of his hands without any sign of the cross (video below).

Francis said with open arms the first part of the Old Testament blessing “May the Lord bless you and keep you…”.

He read the text from a sheet but stopped before the Trinitarian formula at the end that goes in Latin "Et benedictio Dei onnipotentis, Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti" et cetera.

According to the Vaticanista Aldo Maria Valli, Francis chose to “bless without blessing” and that it was an “extemporaneous decision”.

A pope is not above the Catholic liturgy.


Jesus is coming soon mentioned this post in Again: Francis Refuses to Bless Franciszek ponownie odrzucił błogosławieństwo. 1 stycznia po modlit….
Peter did not start the Catholic church as everyone believes, start digging into history, we have been lied to, all this controversy about priests who misuse the young boys is only a tip of what happened in the corrupt church, if you look back mhundreds of years ago the priests were having sex with the nuns, and the nuns gave birth, but the church didn't want this out to the public, so it had … More
don't ya just love the woman in the center of the video who enthusiastically applauds... probably a Catholic 'sheeple' who just LUVs the Pope (insert smiley face etc etc etc ) and hasn't got a clue as to what is going on and doesn't want to disturb her happy, happy thoughts by finding out).
Francis doesn't bless with the sign of the cross for a reason. I think you can figure it out.
He says fairly clearly that he doesn't believe except in Jesus as an historical proto Che Guevara.
God is still in control of the Pope, we don’t know why but God is alowing this. Pray for Pope Francis...
WHY!? I don't understand in any way - sane, insane, inspired, misguided... It is only anti-Catholic.
Suits me fine, wouldn't feel comfortable with a blessing from him!

Der Spiegel ... quotes an unnamed Vatican Cardinal as describing PF thus: an ice-cold, sly machiavellian and a liar.