Two Protestant Female Ministers “Concelebrate” With Six Brazil Bishops

On February 13, at the 41st so called “Earth Pilgrimage” in Mampituba, Brazil, six bishops concelebrated Holy Mass allowing two female Protestant ministers to join in. (February 21) points out that a recording of the Mass shows how during consecration the two women stand at the altar wearing robes and stole, extending their hands as if they were concelebrating.

The Mass was presided by Osório Bishop Jaime Kohl. The following prelates concelebrated:
Archbishop Jacinto Bergmann of Pelotas
Bishop Carlos Romulo of Monte Negro
Bishop Alessandro Ruffinoni of Caxias do Sul
Auxiliary Bishop Adilson Busin of Porto Alegre
Auxiliary Bishop Aparecido Donizeti of Souza Porto Alegre
Retired Bishop José Mario Stroeher of Rio Grande.


I can't distinguish which ones are the women at this sacrilege. The "bishops" should be excommunicated.
Move on, German bishops: The Brazilian ones have beaten you. Your Protestants can only receive Communion, theirs can join in the concelebration
so sad
The modern day bishops seem to specialize in blasphemy.
We faithful have lost the structural church- the buildings. We who keep the Holy Word must unite, for our Lord Jesus promised to be with us until the last day.

The world is dying, it has lost its moral kompass.