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The Papal Office is Damaged Badly, Very Badly - By John Huggins

The only people that I know who use the word "inadmissible" is the secular legal community. They use it in procedural law to specify evidence or facts that cannot be introduced or permitted into the legal proceedings.

So, why would the Roman Pontiff, as an official Petrine act (?), choose secular legal parlance, as opposed to theological parlance, to seemingly condemn capital punishment as immoral? An action of the state no less, who seem to enjoy divine authority in this one particular area?

Everything that Pope Francis does is perpetually confusing because he seems to circumvent theological reality and canonical procedure in a way that you cannot convict him of error. Therefore he cannot bind you with his Pontifical acts because of the unorthodox (read: invalid) use of the Petrine prerogatives.

What is manipulated on earth is not bound in heaven, what is confusing on earth is not bound in heaven, what is invalidly done on earth is not bound in heaven.

What is the bigger picture here? It is not a matter of capital punishment, it is a matter of Church authority and the abuse and manipulation of it. What are we going to do when the smoke clears after he is gone?

The papal office is damaged badly, very badly. It is to the point that very few will ever take it serious again. If the next Roman Pontiff does not aggressively take action and immediately begin to reverse, suppress and/or clarify this mess, then our generation is lost.

It will be eventually rectified but it may take a few hundred years. Christ will keep His promise, but it may not look like what we originally thought.

For the first time in 2,000 years we have learned that we do not exactly understand completely what precisely Christ meant when He said He would be with His Church and protect Her from error in faith and morals.

Either Pope Francis is invalidly elected (which I do not hold) or Christ allows the Roman Pontiff to teach error in faith and morals outside of "solemn infallible definitions" key word "solemn" (see last two paragraphs First Vatican Council).

Right now, Pope Francis has not used his office in a way that binds Catholics in the pew on anything.

I would say that the majority of his major documents are inadmissible.

And, that is probably the only merciful thing that has happened these last five plus years.
Rand Miller
The papal office is damaged because most people erroneously continue to believe Francis is a true Pope. Catholic doctrine teaches that a heretic is not a member of the Body of Christ. If not a member how ridiculous to believe Francis could be the head! Those who continue to insist he is the Pope even though ipso facto he is ineligible because of his many blatant heresies are also the ones to … More
This author is confused. We do know what the infallibility of the Church means, it means that the Pope when upholding Divine Teaching, not attacking it, is preserved from imposing error on the faithful, otherwise he is not protected. This is Vatican I. That means in the declaration on capital punishment, the pope is not only wrong, here is a heretic for he expressly attacks and denies the … More
De Profundis
Jesus Christ on capital punishment, against the Pharisees:
"God said: 'Honour thy father and mother', and: 'He that shall curse father and mother, let him die the death'... and you have made void the word of God for your tradition" (Matt. 15:3-6).
Truly sad, What can we do as lay people to stop this? Please anyone? I have seen people run a priest out of a church many times.... I have been told just to pray, that is all we can do?
God has exposed "Destroyer" and his traitorous gang.
De Profundis
“Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man.” — Genesis 9:6
No, I think Francis was invalidly elected. Bishop Says It Again: Francis Is An Antipope