Cardinal Eijk: “Pope Francis Completely Incomprehensible”

Pope Francis' wish that the German bishops should try to achieve unanimity regarding the acceptance of Protestant Communion is “completely incomprehensible”, according to Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Writing in (May 7), Eijk states the obvious, that even if all German bishops agree to “allow” Protestant Communion, it is still contrary to the Faith,

“The practice of the Catholic Church, based on her faith, is not determined and does not change statistically when a majority of an episcopal conference votes in favor of it, not even if unanimously.”

Eijk accuses Francis of “failing to create clarity”. He concludes, “Great confusion is created among the faithful and the unity of the Church is endangered”.

The Cardinal points out that [Francis'] individual case trick will end up with all Protestants [or Moslems] receiving Communion,

“The general experience with this type of adjustment is that the criteria are quickly extended.”

It has been a tacit consent in Germany for decades not only to allow Protestants to receive Communion but even to invite them to do so.

Picture: Willem Eijk, #newsRikhzryxnl
De Profundis
There is a 'crisis meeting' today of the Dutch Bishops' Conference. One is missing, Msgr. de Korte of Den Bosch. He is by far the most Bergoglionist one. He is on a pelgrimage with... the Order of Malta. Enjough the humour of God's providence.
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The incomprehensible thing is that some Catholics still believe the heresy that a heretic and apostate like Jorge Mario Bergoglio can become a pope.

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The only reason the German Catholic Bishops are not formally-declared schismatics is the pope is supporting this atomisation.
Lisi Sterndorfer
The Dutch cardinal said the Pope should have clearly rejected proposals to allow Protestants to receive Communion