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Bishop: Muslims Have a Right to Islamize

Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo of Oyo, Nigeria, believes “that Muslims have an Islamisation agenda, and they have a right to have it”, writes the Daily Post (October 15). He lambasted Christians crying foul, noting that they had the opportunity to christianize Nigeria but failed to do so. Badejo said Christians in high offices only know how to engage in bickering and fight for positions, leaving out policies that would favor them.

Picture: © miss_ohara, flickr CC BY-NC, #newsRakwxkzhzp
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What he meant to say: Muslims have a right to destroy Christians with their false religion. The bishop is a muslin at heart.
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All the Popes before Pope Francis have said that islam is a false religion ,and this bishop comes here and chastize christians ,for what?for being killed
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This Bishop should convert to islam ,because he does not remember ,what our Lord Jesus Christ said .Go and evangelize to the ends of the world .in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
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He should convince crimes against humanity instead justifying it...!
And he should convince the UN and EU governments for their support of inhuman cultures, war-mongering and their worldwide abortion-policy - instead to criminalize Christians who are probably not aware of their sins as he is...
Feeding disorder and violence is unexcusable.
Joseph a' Christian
Muhammad was a gang leader, who bought and sold sex slaves.
His gang has done the same for 1,400 years now. The amount of Christian husbands they have murdered, Christian wives and children they have abused/enslaved is tremendously horrendous.
The ways of Muhammad are satanic, death.
The Holy Word, Jesus Is Life.
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