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Renovated Austrian Church Shows New "Theology Turned To Stone“

The 1693 baroque church of Saint Anthony in Heinfels, Tyrol/Austria, has been subjected to a bizarre transformation.

The pews were removed. They were replaced with a faithful copy of a picknick table put in the center of the nave which is surrounded by curved benches. The altar is left somewhere behind the "presiding priest".

The parish priest, Father Anno Schulte-Herbrüggen, explained to Kleine Zeitung (June 2) that this is “theology turned into stone”.

In reality, it is "secularism turned into wood" transforming a house of God into a place where people, bored by the New Liturgy, may distract themselves by gazing at each other.

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GJA Taylor
Clericalism (with lots of spare euros to spend) gone mad.
It looks more like pride then humility, but at least they have kneelers.
It looks a bit like a collision of alternate universes.