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Again: The Church Kneels - Francis Stands

While everybody was kneeling, Pope Francis remained standing in front of the Blessed Sacrament on December 31.

On that day he sang the Vespers in St Peter’s Basilica. Before the Te Deum in thanksgiving for 2018, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed.

Francis stood for twenty minutes in front of the monstrance, although a kneeler was in front of him. The Catholic Liturgy requires the faithful to kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament. A pope is not above the liturgy.

It has become Francis' pattern not to kneel neither in front of the Blessed Sacrament nor to bow his knees during consecration.

He loves, however, kneeling for Anglican martyrs and bowing his knees to wash the feet of immigrants, prisoners or transvestites.

He needs our prayers! Please include him in your daily rosary.
Personally, I think that his is his way of saying that he does not believe in the real presence.
He worships man in his most degenerate form like sodomite or Mohammedan vagrants (both useful for his pervert friends). It is not clear he believes in God. The New Religion of V2 has man at its centre and summit.
Jim Dorchak
Oh Lord Jesus; I love you; I believe in you; I adore you; I trust you. Please my Lord Jesus forgive those who do not Love, believe, adore, and trust you.... AND KNEEL BEFORE YOU!