Crossing Out Our Will

Sensus Fidelium, Thanks for posting these wise words of wisdom. Also for crediting the site Hadn't heard of this and am glad to know it.

Cardinal Visits Medjugorje With the Blessing of Pope Francis

Petrus 100452: There is no message to Medjugorje. Our Lady came to Lourdes, LaSalette, Akita, and Fatima with direct and brief messages of penance, prayer (the rosary), and telling man to amend his ways. What happens at M? Nothing. and the so-called apparitions have been going on daily for years and the seers relate mundane messages. There is even a video where one of the "visionaries" is … More
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Pro-Gay Cardinal Attacks Dubia-Cardinals

It has been nearly a year and a half since the dubia cardinals REQUESTED for an AUDIENCE with francis and it was only after months of waiting that they went public as they should have. These heretics running the curia should realise that every day they are closer to judgment! St. John Chrysostom said that the road to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops! Think what they do to cardinals!
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Francis Opens Door to Non-Catholic Saints

Do people still not realise that this man is the precursor to the AntiChrist and is preparing for the One World Church which is the antithesis of everything Catholic??? This has been foretold and will lead many to Hell. Why do you think Our Lady cried at LaSalette and Akita? Wake Up and stay close to the Catholic Magisterium, not this Evil Clown.
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Another Glance Into the Future of the Catholic Church? By Father Reto Nay

You know: there is great momentum when you spiral downwards.
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Pontifical Academy for Scandals - One Scandal More

This pontificate is unprecedented in its scandals and heresies.
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Saint Martial (July 2)

Does francis know this? Pope Fabian sent out 7 bishops to preach the Gospel? What an idea? Is this novel? And hence, Europe became Catholic.
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Canadian Archbishop Endorses “LGBTQ Pride”

This is a guy whose religion is to make it up as you want. What's next? "Building a welcoming community" by moving forward with beastiality, pedophilia, polygamy, can I marry my dog? When are the faithful going to wake up????

Gay- and Drug-Party-Monsignor Identified

So he is one out of many. Do they truly not fear God's punishment for their sins and the scandal they cause to the faithful? They are changing Rome into the Whore of Babylon. Oh, we must make reparation for them and pray for God to give us Holy Priests!

More Catholics support gay ‘marriage’ than ever before. Here’s why

@amni_jane Are you telling GOD to "Get out of their bed room" when he gave the Commandment: Thou shalt not commit adultery. And I must comment with Dr Stuart Reiss as your comments are not Catholic in anyway whatsoever. Please look into the catechism and read some good sermons from the Church Fathers.

More Catholics support gay ‘marriage’ than ever before. Here’s why

It takes courage and fortitude to stand up for Truth. As Our Lord said, 'If the world hates you because of me, know that it hated me first.' Easy and cowardly it is to be a fence-sitter, and follow the crowd...over and into the abyss of Hell.
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Pope Francis Will Cancel John Paul II Again

The Pendulum of Destruction swings...back and forth, back and forth....
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Bishop Barron on Martin Luther

I think he's been there for a long time. And to think he was in charge of a seminary!!!!

Francis Presents Priest With Pedophile Fantasies as "Example"

We are in the full apostasy predicted by Our Lady - from within and especially from the TOP.
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Looking at Luther with Fresh Eyes

Dr Stuart Reiss: and robert barron is too! He denies souls go to Hell (saying 99% are saved) and follows the heresies of von Balthazar. Luther and his ideas have been condemned by popes and encyclicals. You are right: There is NO more to discuss.

Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Just beautiful and very inspiring. All their CDs are exquisite in their beauty and clarity of voice. Thanks for posting this (with the video).

The Ruination of the Capuchins' Church in Altötting

"A crematory Hall" - yes, it doesn't look like a place many would want to visit. So stark, ugly, and sterile!

BREAKING: Four Cardinals release letter asking to meet Pope about ‘confusion and disorientation’ …

Many were disconcerted that the Four Cardinals hadn't taken the issue further with the Dubia and bishop bergolio. Now, it seems they did last April. Of course, the destroyer is remaining silent. I wonder if it is his goal to fully destroy the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church for the unity of the Faith is crumbling.

Again: Pope Francis Refuses to Kneel In Front of the Blessed Sacrament

"a humble meal" - that's protestant theology. It's a sacrament and truly the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord. I guess the 'meal' has to 'heal our memory' so we don't have to deal with our conscience and we can forget nearly 2000 years of magisterial teaching.
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