Germans Want to March on Rome

Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing, the chairman of the influential German Bishops' Conference, has demanded a Roman Synod on the "results" of the ongoing German Synodal/Suicidal Way.

He told the anti-Catholic (29 May) that discussing "women priests" was still legitimate, although the argument was settled 26 years ago by John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.

"In the midst of the Church" there is a call for a "female priesthood," Bätzing insisted, although in the midst of the German Church there is rather a frightening emptiness.

He stressed that the arguments against "female priests" are "no longer accepted.” But this is besides the point. The criterion for arguments is truth, not an acceptance by Bätzing.

At the same time, Bätzing wants to admit Christians of other denominations to the Eucharist and Catholics to the Protestant Lord's Supper. But in this way, he makes "female priests" obsolete as Protestants don't need priests.

As expected, Bätzing also asked for blessing adulterers and homosexuals: "Quite a few suffer from the fact that their relationship does not receive the full recognition of the church."

Sin is indeed a source of suffering. Bätzing's blessing of sin would not change this.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVdatlvwwyn

I love your comment, De.
The German Church is losing a record number of faithful - at least in Marx's Munich.
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The answer
Bätzing: Like divorced and remarried Catholics, many gay faithful are waiting for a “sign” from the Church in the form of a blessing on their relationships.