Mohammad Cartoon: “Nothing but Fanaticism and Stupidity”

Yonathan Betkolia, an Assyrian member of the Iranian Parliament, condemned Geert Wilders, who heads an opposition party in the Dutch parliament, for publishing a Mohammad cartoon.

"The immoral and derogatory act of Greet Wilders was nothing but fanaticism and stupidity," Betkolia said in his statement (, December 30).

Wilders announced a day earlier the winner of a contest for Mohammad caricatures.

A lapsed Catholic and atheist, Wilders called this “freedom of speech.” Betkolia is Assyrian-Orthodox. Like Christians, Muslims regard caricaturing religion as highly offensive.


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...yet there's zero outrage from Mr. Betkolia at the constant secular mainstream mockery of Christ. How utterly unsurprising.
In this cartoon, Christ remains holy, with the girl looking like a * :( In cartoons about Mohammed, he (Mohammed) remains a pedophile :( Pray for the convention of Muslims.
Try another cartoon
at least he is defending his religion
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Okay..... Is this a Catholic website or muslim website? Has decided to part with Catholicism and join forces with muslims? Since when were Catholics called to respect antichrist cults?? A cartoon is "highly offensive" and "fanaticism". Nevermind all the rape, murder, burned down Cathedrals, child rape gangs, pedophilia, bombings, kidnappings, decapitations, centuries of jihad, etc.
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