Young Priest: Benedict Gives Clear Signals That He Is Still the Pope

Father Enrico Bernasconi, an assistant priest in Torremaggiore, San Severo Diocese, Italy, believes that Benedict XVI has not resigned and is still Pope, despite Benedict XVI protesting otherwise.

Bernasconi, who was ordained 3.5 years ago, told Rivelazione.net (April 28) that he feels encouraged by Benedict’s gestures like keeping his Pontifical name, the white cassock and the signature including the acronym P.P. (Pontifex Pontificum).

Bernasconi therefore decided in his "conscience" that Francis is not a pope and, therefore, names Benedict XVI during Mass.

He follows the example of retired Archbishop Lenga and Father Francesco D’Erasmo.
Long live Pope Benedict!
Oremus pro Pontifice nostro Benedicto XVI!
"despite Benedict XVI protesting otherwise." So he's calling Benedict a liar? That's a yes or no question. What of the "gestures" that show Benedict is NOT Pope? Where is Benedict's Papal Mozzetta? Where is Benedict's Papal Ring?
PP = Pontifex Primus