Medieval Scholar: Francis Is Worse Than Previous Heretical Popes

A comparison between Francis and previous heretical popes - such as Liberius, Honorius and John XXII - “doesn't stand up at all,” Claudio Pierantoni, professor for Medieval Philosophy at the University of Chile, told (May 7).

Pierantoni signed the April Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of heresy. He explains that,

• Liberius (+366) was forced by the emperor to sign a false Trinitarian formula when the theological terminology wasn't yet fully defined;

• Honorius (+638) questioned a single teaching about Christ's two wills, also because of a terminological uncertainty at the time;

• John XXII (+1334) denied the doctrine of the immediate beatific vision of the blessed after death but later retracted.

Pierantoni explains that Francis relativizes "the whole of Catholic doctrine,” wanting to impose a "revolutionary change in sexual and matrimonial ethics,” and positioning Catholicism among other religions that comes "very close to religious indifferentism.”

For Pierantoni Francis “deep down isn’t really Catholic.”

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsMplroxlkvh
Libor Halik
Česky celý rozhovor Prof. Claudio Pierantoni:
Such a wide spectrum of fronts in error - Apostasy seems to be the only rational explanation.