Inmates – Who Are Known for Hating Pedophile Offenders – Cheered With Pell

Cardinal George Pell found out about his acquittal while watching the television news alone in his prison cell, he told (April 7): “I did hear a great cheer from somewhere with…
I also looking forward for you and all the other Priests to celebrate public Mass your Eminence.
F M Shyanguya
😍 Thanks be to God.
Judge not, lest you be judged. When you look at the evidence which was apparently presented in the court it clearly points to Pell's innocence.
Judge me O God, and distinguish my cause among the unholy peoples
In some ways, that's the most convincing evidence proving his innocence. Like they say, "you can't con a con." Criminals are like most confined animals, they have an uncanny knack for detecting any trace of sickness among their fellow inmates.
there is more evidence against the PEDONAL! (pedo cardinal) than was ever against Pope Alexander the 6th. all I can say to Pell is remember proverbs 21:11! justice is coming for you!!!
Simmering in hate is the closest experience of hell on earth.
Alex A
The Australian Courts have spoken. To those who previously maligned the judicial process of my country, let them now, like the inmates housed with Cardinal Pell, be of 'good cheer' and reflect on the tormented souls of Pell's accusers, they too are in need of our prayers and compassion.
Lets see what Bergoglio does with his "investigation."