Voice of Dissent: Not Everything Was Bad in Vatican’s Investments

The Vatican Secretariat of State has always earned money from our financial management, Enrico Crasso, 72, told (October 4).

For 27 years, Crasso, who is based in Lugano, Switzerland, managed about EUR300 millions - mainly stemming from the Peter’s Pence - for the Vatican.

According to him, the average return between 2014 and 2019 was of 3-4% per year - which is not bad.

Crasso is the manager of the Maltese fund Centurion where the Vatican invested EUR50 Mio, partly in a film about Elton John which earned 13,5% until this year. However, after media reports, Francis decided to liquidate the fund.

The fund manager also says that he invested EUR30 Million for seven years for 8%. Since 2012 he met now-Cardinal Becciu about five or six times.


Talk about damning with faint praise. :P