Normal Cemeteries: Canadian "Mass Graves" Turn Out to Be A Hoax

The alleged recent "discovery" of human remains in 182 "unmarked" graves at the former Kootenay Indian Residential School in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada, was not unexpected, the area’s former chief Sophie Pierre told (July 2).

The existence of the cemetery was no mystery, only the wooden crosses that originally marked the gravesites had deteriorated over the years. “There’s no discovery, we knew it was there, it’s a graveyard,” Pierre said. “The fact there are graves inside a graveyard shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.”

Kootenay school was operated between 1890 and 1970 by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and later by the Canadian government for the education of Canadian Indians.

After fake "discoveries" of Canadian school cemeteries, Church haters, promoted by the oligarchs media, accused the Church of "genocide." As a consequence of this smear campaign about twenty (!) churches in Canada were burned down or vandalised. Below is a video of St Jude’s Parish in Vancouver, British Columbia, vandalised on July 1.

In the residential schools wanted and partly run by the government since the 19th century for the education of Canadian Indians, some of the pupils died over the decades during a time when child mortality was relatively high due to diseases which at the time were incurable.

The fake discoveries were used to promote leftwing cancel-propaganda, renaming places, burning down churches, toppling statues, eliminating "Canada Day," demonising Canadian history, and inciting race hatred and national masochism. The blueprint for this is denazification which was applied to Germany after Second World War.


Louis IX
This story smelled of purposeful, agenda driven, lying narrative from its inception. And those who hate God took the bait.
Now let's see every irresponsible journalist pay for re-building all the churches burned down in reaction to their false reporting.
Hugh N. Cry
Doesn’t fit their narrative.
Told you so!
The New Knights Templar
College age, too. And white not Indian. This is what is rolling out of our colleges today, heads full of Marxist, anti-religious propaganda.