Pro-Homosex Archbishop Explains Why He Had No Time for God

The Pontifical Academy for Life, led by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, replied to critics of their coronavirus document which failed to mention God (, July 29).

With swollen formulations, Paglia explains that [by not mentioning God] he wants to “communicate” God in a way accessible to everyone.

His aim is to speak “to the widest possible audience, to believers and non-believers” because “we are here to deal with the serious issues that have to do with the future of humanity as a whole" [not with God].

The truth is that “humanity as a whole” couldn’t care less about Paglia’s documents.


Paglia like Martin SJ have no need of pro or similar qualifiers in front of their names. No morally normal man campaigns relentlessly for sodomy or has himself painted into a writhing mass of naked men.
Laugh? Or cry? In order to "reach the widest possible audience," Vatican decides not to mention Jesus or God.
Dr Bobus
His word indicates a man who does not believe in Truth
The Academy argues that their non-Catholic document wants to to communicate WHAT CONTENT? "in a way accessible to all" and to "the widest possible audience".
The Church has to speak to believers and especially to non-believers - convenient or inconvenient - about Christ.
The Academy’s answer is written by Fabrizio Mastrofini, a longtime employee of Vatican Radio who serves as the academy’s spokesman.
No non Catholic would have had any reason to read the vapourings of that lewd old man. Patently he does not believe, and his role is just to implement UN goals.