Francis Allows Pilgrimages To Medjugorje

Archbishop Henryk Hoser, Francis' delegate for Medjugorje, has announced during a Mass in Medjugorje, that Pope Francis authorized pilgrimages to the place, reports (May 12).

At the same time, Vatican press speaker Alessandro Gisotti stressed that this [seemingly] cannot be interpreted as approval of the ongoing "apparitions".

Previously, diocesan and parochial pilgrimages to Medjugorje were prohibited.

Of the six visionaries, three assure us that they have a daily apparition, wherever they are: they are Vicka (in Medjugorje), Marija (in Italy) and Ivan (in USA). A fourth, Mirjana, says she receives an apparition every month, while for the last two this happens once a year"
I don’t trust it either,
Whenever there is a real apparition of our lady, Satan creates thousands of fake ones just to confuse everyone
Medjugorje is not of God.
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Medjugorje is the hope of the Church (and the world).
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