Francis Faces Opposition During Angelus

Forza Nuova, an Italian anti-immigration and gay-skeptical party, received Pope Francis during his May 12 Angelus with a “Stop Immigration” banner.

Simultaneously, the party pointed out on social media that the faith of Rome cannot be used to promote “those who want the Italians to stop having children and our women to abort in order to replace us with immigrants.”

They call on Francis to "safeguard the deposit of the Faith, to promote doctrine and truth, not to encourage Islamic immigration nor pursue the interests of international and globalist forces who use exploitation, hatred and terror as arms.”

Forza Nuova stresses that the Popes once turned Rome into a beacon of civilization, but “by now Bergoglio is the man of Soros, the Pope of the Roma [Gypsies], of immigrants and of globalism."

Jorge doesn't care one whit about the Italians, any Europeans, or what's left of the west in general. He despises the west like the faithful leftist he is.
These facts speak for themselves. How long must this confusion be tolerated, and at what cost of Jesus' precious lambs?
people are waking up from the nightmare
Carolyn kimberly
Schism is better than heresy